Best in Show Contest 2018


Twin Cities Puppy Pack to Produce Best in Show Contest Weekend in Minnesota in 2018

MINNEAPOLIS – The Twin Cities Puppy Pack (TCPP) is excited to announce during the weekend of August 3rd-5th, 2018 it will product the first-ever Best in Show Contest for the pup/handler community in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

The Twin Cities Puppy Pack Best in Show Contest will be open to everyone with a talent or skill they want to show off for charity.  TCPP is aware of the number of contests there are in our region, that promote the winner to be a title holder.  TCPP’s goal is to create a contest that encourages community spirit while raising funds for a worth cause.  While there will be a winner of the contest, no title holder responsibilities will be bestowed to the winner, as the true winner will be the community that the Twin Cities Puppy Pack serves.

This year’s contest will be held at LUSH, which is one of the pack’s great sponsors.  Twin Cities Puppy Pack is honored to have a community sponsor such as LUSH, and we will be announcing other partnerships in the future as we prepare for the Best in Show Contest.

Twin Cities Puppy Pack’s mission has always been to find meaningful ways to give back to the community.  TCPP is looking forward to building the Best in Show Contest as its premier event to support the community building mission the group was founded upon.

Further details regarding the specific format of the contest as well as this year’s charity recipient of the funds raised during the event will be announced on a later date.

Watch for more details regarding this new and exciting event.

To view the original release in PDF format, click below:

TCPP Best in Show Press Release

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